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Individual therapy is provided for people accused or convicted of interpersonal abuse.  We also provide therapy for returning citizens to adjust to life in the community as well as their family members.


Group therapy is an effective way to address problem behaviors while developing communication skills and healthy interpersonal relationships.  It is a unique and productive way to see the world as broader than ones own experience and decrease isolation which can lead to negative thinking and depression.


If a loved one has been involved in the criminal justice system and committed abuse against others, close friends and loved ones are critical in helping them become a prosocial member of society.  We provide counseling for those family members to help them best support their loved one.


It can be difficult to manage strong emotions, including anger.  Anger can be a force for good, but too often it is used to hurt and control other people.  Working on anger is a good way to understand how it has hurt the 'angry person' and their loved onces.


Treatment for problem sexual behaviors is effective.  The use of cognitive behavioral therapy along with other therapeutic interventions can change the way offenders feel about themselves, their victims and the world - if you have this problem you are not alone, there is help.  


Men and boys often suffer alone and don't find the space to talk about their feelings - both joy and sadness.  At Fair and Just there is a non judgemental place to share feelings and experiences, including struggles in intimate relationships.


Consultation, Education and Supervision are services available for professional organizations working with people who have committed problem sexual behaviors or domestic abuse.  Let us help you and your staff understand the most effective way to work with this population to keep our communities safe and decrease abuse of all kinds.

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